Due diligence

Due diligence transparently and independently describes the current state of the project, its strengths and weaknesses. It evaluates technical and economic parameters, compliance with corresponding standards and regulations, and identifies project risks.

The requirement for an impartial expert assessment of the project is closely linked to the process of its (re)financing or to the change of ownership structures. We provide cooperation in the development of technical due diligence; in cooperation with our partners, we can ensure the implementation of economic and legal due diligence.

We always conduct a personal inspection of the project; if necessary, we will ensure the control and acceptance of parts and units of projects during their transport.

What risks do we routinely encounter in due diligence?

  • non-compliance of the project implementation with the approved project documentation
  • incomplete project documentation
  • poor quality construction workmanship, defects and arrears of work
  • use of incorrect materials with insufficient properties
  • damage and malfunction of the technological part
  • missing necessary tests of technological equipment
  • incorrect structural calculations
  • misconfigured employee fund
  • neglected service
  • incorrect estimation of the costs of reconstructions and repairs
  • unrealistic schedule for the implementation of activities