Construction supervision (technical supervision)

As construction supervisor or technical supervisor of the investor, we control and supervise the implementation of construction works, the quality of construction material and compliance with regulations and technical standards throughout the construction period of the project.

The scope of construction supervision is defined in Section 46b of Act No. 50/1976 Coll., on Town and Country Planning and the Building Code (Building Act) and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended, and it imposes the following requirements on the person performing construction supervision:

a) it monitors:

  • the method and procedure for carrying out the construction in such a way as to guarantee occupational safety and health
  • proper installation and operation of technical equipment on the construction site
  • professional storage of construction products and materials, suitability of their use
  • professional storage of machinery and equipment
  • keeping a construction log book

b) it is responsible for:

  • compliance of the spatial position with the construction documentation
  • compliance with the general technical requirements for construction

c) it is co-responsible for:

  • compliance with the conditions of decisions issued for the execution of the construction, in particular the zoning permit and the building permit

d) it affects the elimination of defects:

  • which it has detected on the construction site; if the defects cannot be eliminated as part of the performance of construction supervision, it shall immediately notify them to the construction authority.

The technical supervisor of the investor represents the investor during the execution of the construction of the project, provides technical advice, checks the progress of the works and compliance with the contractual conditions and is cooperative in the final approval of the project and its handover to operation.