As independent consultants, we evaluate aspects throughout the project life cycle, our aim is to identify and eliminate potential problems at an early stage.

We will be happy to help you and provide comprehensive and practical advice on how to achieve the optimal design and successful implementation of your project.

Independent assessment of suppliers, building materials and technological units will help you in choosing the right partner. We will help you to make sure that your suppliers’ products and services comply with the defined requirements and that they comply with national and international standards.

We will be pleased to be your stable partners throughout the implementation of your project plans.

Project life cycle


  • local conditions
  • regulatory frameworks
  • licences and permits


  • component selection
  • cross-compatibility
  • production prediction

Selection of the contractor

  • reference projects
  • budget and schedule control
  • terms & conditions


  • compliance with the project
  • compliance with legislation
  • testing

Operation and maintenance

  • project monitoring
  • service execution
  • parameter evaluation